"Nobody ever learned to write without reading." - James Sledd

  • 9 Lessons

  • 44 sounds of English

  • 95 written variations

    The goal of Sound Foundation is to provide the foundation and code which is basic to English literacy.

    Nobody ever learned to read English well without full knowledge of the English code.

    We've divided the 44 sounds into nine lessons. The lesson sounds are grouped according to the method English speakers use for speech production. Each lesson progresses through the three basic steps used when learning the mother tongue.

  1. Introduces students to the English phoneme(sound) encoding process.

  2. Introduces students to the English letter code. English letters are called graphemes because they represent the phonemes of speech.

  3. Provides syllable/word reading practice for students to strengthen their language encoding and coding knowledge.

   We have prepared the only resources you need to take a student, even yourself, at any level and learn to encode, code, and decode. 

*Please do note, this part of the program is not intended for Vocabulary or Comprehension skills.*

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