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The Language Brain

Any language follows its own set of socially shared rules. As well, it follows its own language program. In other words, one language program is not supported by another.

Each language has its own set of speech sounds managed in three areas of the brain.

  1. Broca's area recognizes the individual speech sounds and provides the program for how the speaker makes those sounds.

  2. Wernicke's area is responsible for how we process the sounds in Broca's area for comprehension and speech.

  3. The angular gyrus enables us to manage multiple types of language-related information whether auditory, visual, or sensory. In other words, when you look at the letters on the page you interpret them into speech sounds.

We know this because when Broca's area is damaged, spontaneous speech and motor speech is poor. Articulation is difficult. Accurate speech requires the language knowledge stored in Broca's area.

When Wernicke's area is damaged, speech comprehension is difficult. When information is heard it cannot be translated. What this means to language learning is that without sufficient support for the language in Broca's areas, Wernicke's area will have difficulty turning language to speech.

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