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Does grammar need to be difficult?

That question is born of frustration. Repeating the same mistake takes the joy out of learning a new language, and so we say it's difficult.

Newcomers to English might find comfort in knowing that even native English speakers don't always get it right. But making mistakes isn't a crime. An error merely reveals what we don't understand about the language we are learning.

Grammar is the order of the language. It includes how we

  • say a word,

  • spell a word,

  • spin a phrase,

  • and write a text,

  • and most importantly how we read for understanding.

But grammar doesn't start on the page with a sentence. Grammar begins with how we order our perception. That means how we organize the thought of what we see.

Grammar is best taught as a game of question and answer.

  • What do you see?

  • How do you see it?

  • What do you notice first?

  • Etc.

The reflection of an object is imagined differently than the object in plain view. It's grammar that guides our perception.

Two or more objects are seen differently that one in isolation. Keep in mind the more objects we see together the more complex will be our thoughts of them.

  1. How do you see them?

  2. How do they relate?

  3. What impact does their relationship have on each object, the environment, and you?

It's obvious to us that grammar stimulates mathematical reasoning, for we know when it comes to reasoning language, science, and math are overlapping. Grammar is one of the most enjoyable areas of study because it engages us in becoming aware of life and the universe.

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