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Do You Read?

Not all things are equal, especially when it comes to synonyms. Synonyms mean differently by degree. If you learn a word, it's worth giving time to its synonyms as well.

Take a look at the word read. Read means you look at the printed matter and comprehend it. If the text is read to you, but you do not look at the text on the page you are being read to. If you look at the words while someone else reads aloud, you are following along. Following along can have a similar effect as when you read.

Reading is different than scanning, flicking through, skimming through, or thumbing through a text. Even if you cast an eye over the text, or ran your eye across the text, the best you can say is that you looked at or saw the text.

Reading does not take place until you comprehend the text and interpret it. If you are reading like that you pore over the text, peruse it, scrutinize it, and absorb it. Reading in English is a life-changing activity. It enlarges our understandings, provides power for communication, and humbles us.

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